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Recently, our families gathered at Buchanan Park in Pittsburg for our annual family reunion. The first reunion took place in the summer of 2000 and was a great success. 

 Our family history began with two special people,  Grandpa and Grandma, Francisco and Jesuita Luna. Francisco and Jesusita came from a small town called Aquitseramo near Tlazazalca, Michocan. In the 1920s they moved north to the San Fernando Valley. This is where the first two girls were born; Hope and Mary. Next came Margaret, who was born a twin. Only she survived. Francisco and Jesusita soon moved to a town called Home Acres later to be known as Bay Point. There, they bought property and built their first house where Sally and Nancy were born. In the 1930's Grandpa built the second house. It was here they lived during The Depression. They were known as kind and generous people and were happy to assist many people through this difficult period. Throughout the years they continued their service to the Mexican community. They sponsored many people who migrated from Mexico to the United States. Francisco Luna died in September of 1979. Jesusita continued to love and take care of the family. Her home was always open as she continued to make Tamales for Christmas and Posole and Menudo on Sundays. She celebrated her 90th birthday with a grand celebration at the Ambrose Community Center. She died in June of 1992.  Their legacy continues to live on through all of us. The Barbarios, Murgias, Esquibells, Fierros, and Sanchez families. As we continue to support and encourage one another we carry on the legacy that began with Grandma and Grandpa. Let us thank God for our health, as he continues to bless and strengthen us as a strong and loving family. And thank you all for all the hard work that makes these reunions possible!   - Cathy


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Story Source: The Francisco & Jesusita Luna Story - 2000


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