It was a dark and stormy night. Kiana heard Pepper barking outside the window. She crept out to check on her. "What's wrong girl?" she asked.  "I thought I saw a ghost!" said Pepper. They both ran so fast they had to stop to catch their breath. Just then they heard a ghostly sound in the distance "whooo! I see yoooouu!" "me too" another voice shouted. Thunder and lightning lit the sky and that's when they saw them; three ghosts standing in the distance. 

Then just as quickly as they came, they disappeared behind the trees. Kiana put her hands on her hips, "I am not afraid of ghosts!  An owl flew out of a tree. "Hoot, Hoot!" it cried. "That's not a ghost" said Kiana, "that's an owl!"  Then  they heard something say "Whoooo" and three white shapes scurried behind a tree. "Those are not owls, those are ghosts!" Pepper said.  They ran into the house and shouted for TJ, Joe, and Daddy, but they did not answer. Grandma came downstairs and said,  "what's all the commotion down here?" "We thought we saw a ghost" "and we can't find Daddy," said Kiana. "We think they stole Joe and Grandpa too!"   Suddenly, the three ghosts leaped out from behind the trees and ran through the garage. Grandma grabbed a stick and said "I will not hide, I will make those ghosts tell me where they are." Just then the door burst open and the three ghosts ran into the house. "Whoooo!" said one of the ghosts. "What have you done with Grandpa? And where are the boys?" Grandma said, shaking her stick at them. "Wee will tell yoooou where they are," said the biggest ghost in a ghostly voice. "But firrst you must give us some choocolate to eat. Whoooo!"  Christina grabbed the bowl of candy and gave it to the biggest ghost. He pulled off his cover to eat. "It's Daddy!"  Christina cried. Then she pulled the covers off the other two.  "Just as I suspected,  Joe and TJ!" "Oh my! said Grandma, "We've been tricked for a treat!"  



Based on the story "A Bear, a Bobcat and Three Ghosts" by Anne Rockwell


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