3rd Annual 

Jr. Raiderette Workshop


Christina with Raiderette, Lori Hurley

This year Christina marked her 2nd year as a Jr. Raiderette. Friends and family make this a special event that we  look  forward to year after year. 

Christina with Raiderette Director,

Mary Barnes


The Raiderettes, hosted  over 250 girls at the Raiders training facility workshop where the girls learned the dance routine they performed during halftime festivities at the Raiders vs. Seahawks game.  

Jrs3 practicing at Raiderette workshop.jpg (316123 bytes)

Girls come from all over the country to participate in the event now in its third year. 

Jrs2 practicing at workshop.jpg (281666 bytes)

Practice, practice, practice, 

A tired Mary Barnes handing out uniforms at the Jr. Raiderette Workshop held September 29th at the Raiders training facility in Alameda Calif.

Mary_Barnes_with_KTVUs_host_Mark_Pita.jpg (29337 bytes) Mark Pita and cameraman Randy DeVecci of KTVU - Fox 2   "Mornings on 2" interview Mary Barnes for a special segment on the Junior Raiderettes  Workshop that aired on October 1st, 2001. 

Joe and Gina Marie.jpg (219131 bytes)

Joseph with Raiderette Gina Marie Faria

Shannon Burgess signs autographs at the Jr. Raiderette Workshop

Shannon_Burgess_with_Joe_and_Christina.jpg (48606 bytes)

christina, joe and black raiderette.jpg (52521 bytes)



Joe and Raiderette.jpg (29898 bytes)

Neesha Joe and Christina.jpg (29261 bytes)

Christina and Joe with Nesha Thompson


Joe,Christina and Raiderette.jpg (19676 bytes)

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