4th Annual 

Jr. Raiderette Workshop 

Crystal Ackers, Raiderette Lupita Romero, and Christina Alvernaz at the Jr. Raiderette Workshop. Lupita and Crystal's mother Lisa works with Tony at Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley.  


Once again The Junior Raiderette Program  kicked off at the Raiders Training Facility in Alameda on August 17th and I have to say that this was the best year ever!

This year there were only 100 Juniors enrolled in the program as opposed to previous years where there were more than 300! One of the declining factors may have been due to the increase in enrollment fees. The fees were considerably higher this year BUT, when you have 300 young girls AND their parents, well, you can only imagine how unmanageable that was!  So believe me,  the fee hike was well  worth it in the end. (no matter how much I complained about it!)

Some of the perks this year included REAL uniforms, more dance clinics with the Raiderettes, more dance techniques taught by Raiderette Choreographers, Karen Kovac and Shawna Zimmerman, more personal  time with the Raiderettes,  TWO game performances, AND, this year some of the Junior participants included  Rich Gannon and Marc Trestman's daughters, and many of the Raiderettes daughters as well.  








Quarterback Rich Gannon, with his daughters at the Raiders vs. Titans game                                Photo by Lisa Coelho



Raider's Offensive Coordinator, Marc Trestman with his daughters, Tony, 

and Christina at one of the workshop clinics in Alameda.


Another perk this year included a sneak peek into the Raiders locker-room! We snuck in while the Raiders were in Pittsburgh getting ready to play the Steelers! It was sooo exciting! Take a

peek inside my Raiders Scrapbook. 


Tony with Raiders Wide Receivers Coach,

Fred Biletnikoff






Christina sporting her Tim Brown Jersey, with Raiderette Director, Mary Barnes

Tony with our Favorite Raiderette, Lupita Romero


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